27 April 2012

DeadSocial: Getting the Final Say Even When You're Gone

Dead Social, which is making it's beta-launch today, is the new platform that will allow you to post to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ after you're gone. As in 'kicked-the bucket', 'fallen off the perch', 'assumed room temperature', or 'bought the farm'.

DeadSocial is a platform that allows us the schedule secret messages. These are only distributed across our social networks when we die.

You'll still have to chose someone, a 'Super Administrator', who can 'untick' the account upon your death to send your messages out. 

 “There’s no reason why you should stop being able to communicate, tell people how you feel about them, after you’ve passed away,” says founder James Norris. “This is really a way to address death, not in a dark and sinister way, but to look at it from a more creative and a more technical perspective. … It’s a bit more fun.”

It definitely insures that you get the last word, if nothing else.

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