27 March 2013

Looking for a Buddy

Lately, I have been following the ‘French Bulldog Rescue Network’ . It started because I was looking for a lapdog that could keep me company now that I am homebound. A little buddy that could sit in my lap or at my feet while I am on the computer. A little buddy to help inspire me to take short walks and give me some things to do. I never minded the little things like walking the dog and all of that and right now it would be such a welcome activity to my day and helpful for me with getting some activity and healing the depression brought on by all the dang pain.
All that aside, looking for just the right dog, I came across Frenchies. Loving Boxers as much as I do, it’s not surprising. Finding one has proven difficult.  I can’t afford the  going rate on disability to purchase one from a breeder and there are so many puppy mills around here, you don’t know who to trust and I have seen some very sick pups in my searches, it’s saddening.
The ‘French Bulldog Rescue Network’ is amazing. I have seen some amazing, handsome dogs on their site. I have also seen some truly amazing rescues. The latest is a pup that goes by the name ‘lentil; that was born with a clef pallet.  The outpouring of help and donations for him have been amazing and heartbreaking. It’s hard to keep a dry eye as you read about his progress. His story and fame has gone international in recent weeks.
I had high hopes of finding a buddy here, but the adoption fees are steep for me (and rightly so. These people put a lot of time and their own money into rescuing and treating these beautiful dogs so they are in tip top shape and going to a home that can continue to give them the love and care they need.) But I do enjoy looking and keeping tabs on Lentil and all the others.
Whether you are looking for a dog, French Bull Dog, or just love dogs, the site is worth checking out. It’s definitely worth it to follow ‘Lentil’s’ progress. His story is touching and I cannot wait to see how it all ends for him.