12 February 2016

Star Trek Online: Why I Think It’s Broken and Why I’ll Keep On Playing

Star Trek Online is celebrating it’s 6th Anniversary this month. But the celebration has soured for me. I was in from the beginning. Before it was Free-2-Play. Before it was free to download. I had purchased my copy through Stardock’s Impulse Gaming Platform and dove head first into the first online, PC game, I had ever explored or played. I was 46 years old. I had a step-son who was playing W.O.W., and that was all I knew of the online gaming universe at the time.

Over the years,I have tried to be supportive. I even kept up a monthly subscription when it went F2P. But after the first year of that, I found myself closing my subscription and going the F2P route. There were too many bugs, too many discrepancies in the games economy. Accusations flying around that the PvP folks pulled the strings or the ones who held subscriptions did, that F2P people were ignored. The few perks paying a subscription fee suddenly didn’t seem worth it.

All of that side, the past few two years have seen it;s ups and downs. I don’t claim to have a clue how well the game is doing over all. They are a few who claim STOL is going down, or already has gone down and just refuses to see the light at the end of the tunnel and walk towards it. Me, I want the game to work. I want it to last another six years. I love Star Trek. I am invested in this game in more ways than just money

Because since I started playing STOL, I have made friends through the game and they have showed me other games. I’ve played many. I’ve always come back to STOL, because it is my first true love in gaming and there really is nothing else that can replace the whole Star Trek experience for me like STOL does.

Sadly, though…and finally…I find myself starting to drift from the game. I don’t need to list all the in game issues or go on about the things that should be fixed , or what’s wrong with this and that. It’s not the game that is broken. What’s broken is the intent to take a widely, deeply loved, and cherished franchise and make something out of it that should be truly magnificent and wonderful and leave no player hoping that another company will come along and get it right because THIS ONE should be right.

A week ago, on what has become an almost nightly event, STOL was DDoS-ed (attacked). Granted, these attacks are not the fault of STOL and I honestly don’t know if that is the main cause for these nightly crashes. So, while it was down,  I looked to the forums to see if anyone, meaning DEV, had posted what was going on this particular night. I stumbled across a thread titled

 “Frequently Created Threads (F.C.T.)”.

 This thread was put up by one of the Moderators and it basically listed F.T.C.’s (I am using the abbreviation only because the poster did so in the title?) that would not be permitted anymore because

 “The team constantly sees questions that get asked over and over again, even when developers have responded”

and so

“Any threads created about the topic's below will now be closed with a link to this FCT.”