30 August 2011

How Not To Register Your Little Vampire For Pre-School

Tonight was ‘”Registration Night’ for my daughters pre-school. I missed it last year, which, I have been reminded about frequently since last- year. Of course I arrived fashionably late. (Thirty-nine minutes is fashionable, right?)
Walking into a room full of tiny tables and chairs is odd enough. A room full of grown people sitting in the tiny chairs at the tiny tables is just freakish. I quietly made my way over to my wife, seated in her tiny chair, and reached for a tiny wooden chair that was next to her. At this point, I was under the assumption I would be able to blend in without any fanfare or undue attention as the teacher was going over the school handbook. Reaching for the tiny wooden chair put a quick end to that illusion as my wife and the teacher both spoke up “Not that one.”

27 August 2011

Po'Smedley & Sam - Back To Work

To see the most current Po'Smedley & Sam episodes, shoot over to Skinartistry. Check out the art, wallpapers, and the peeps.

26 August 2011

This Week On The List

Yes. A few folks made 'The List' this week.

1. The day I hand out paychecks is always crazy. Our company payroll system is all over the place from timekeeping methods to putting the whole mess together. Somehow, someone is always off.  I will get a phone call within the first sixty seconds of someone opening their check to tell me they are short thirty minutes or eight hours. What I don’t get is the phone call from the guy I overpay twenty-two hours which happened this week. Usually that check will be cashed long before I am aware of the error. When I told him we would have to deduct it out of his next check he actually asked if I could do it over the course of three checks! I said I could but it would take the next eight checks to do it as we would be paying him his regular pay in installments as well. He cut me a check on the spot. He’ll be on my Watch List.

25 August 2011

Steel And Feathers (Don't Ever)

An unfinished Bob Dylan song as done (and finished) by Nikki Jean. Not much of a video, but the song is well worth a listen to. So, turn down the lights, pop on the headphones, and close your eyes. We're going to explore a side of the heart only Dylan could put into words.....

What’s In A Name?

This was originally posted about five years ago. God, in all his wisdom and humor, looked down on this 40-something year old man and said “I have one more little prank surprise for you.”

The Phillies Jersey–A Thank You Note/Story

I recently had the great pleasure of working with the CEO of a company we deal with, along with several other reps. In talking I learned we were both from the same neck of the woods in the north east. We knew the same diners, cheese-steak houses, and all that good stuff. He still resides there. After a long day that led to dinner, a quest to find a karaoke bar, and a limo ride back that included two very drunken passengers the driver threw in with our lot...he told me he would like to gift me with an authentic Phillies Jersey. Within a few weeks, it arrived with a very nice letter. Of course, I had to respond. Here is a copy of the email I sent.

20 August 2011

Hugh Laurie Rocks The House

 So it's no secret that I am a fan of House and all things Hugh Laurie. I just thought I would throw out a plug on his new album "Let Them Talk".  I consider my musical taste pretty eclectic, so it's always a treat when I can expand it.

“Let Them Talk” is the first album to be recorded by Hugh Laurie after signing to Warner Bros Records in 2010. Produced by Joe Henry and recorded in Los Angeles and New Orleans, the album is a celebration of New Orleans blues..."

The album has gotten some pretty amazing reviews. I was fortunate enough to have been made a gift of it by a good friend and have listened to almost nothing else since. You can catch videos of live performances at YouTube as well as a free download of 'Guess I'm A Fool' on the official site. Check it out!


The List : A True Story

My wife has a list. It’s kind of a long list, but it’s hers and she’s entitled. I think we all have lists. Some of us keep them private; some of us limit them to certain things. My wife’s list is broken into categories.

For example, there is the celebrity category. We do not watch movies with Brad Pitt, Angeline Jollies, Tom Cruise, and a few others. I cringe when a favorite celebrity gets their name in the headlines. If they have done anything to offend my wife, they are going to end up on The List, and there will be a whole new library of films, video’s, or music we will know longer enjoy. Though I have yet to actually see The List, I imagine it as a scroll of yellowed parchment with worn wooden handles. It’s thick, and when unrolled, could easily reach from Intercourse, Pa. to Nowhere, Az. You can find me there, right in-between screwed and lost.

Po'Smedley & Sam - Visit From A Friend

Sam Terrapin is the Skinartistry mascot, janitor, receptionist, and groundskeeper. He'll quite literally do anything for a bottle of Bombay Sapphire and more if you throw in some sardines. He also happens to live with me. Along with driving me insane, he likes to post these little 'strips' on Skinartistry.