27 April 2012

DeadSocial: Getting the Final Say Even When You're Gone

Dead Social, which is making it's beta-launch today, is the new platform that will allow you to post to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ after you're gone. As in 'kicked-the bucket', 'fallen off the perch', 'assumed room temperature', or 'bought the farm'.

DeadSocial is a platform that allows us the schedule secret messages. These are only distributed across our social networks when we die.

You'll still have to chose someone, a 'Super Administrator', who can 'untick' the account upon your death to send your messages out. 

 “There’s no reason why you should stop being able to communicate, tell people how you feel about them, after you’ve passed away,” says founder James Norris. “This is really a way to address death, not in a dark and sinister way, but to look at it from a more creative and a more technical perspective. … It’s a bit more fun.”

It definitely insures that you get the last word, if nothing else.

Folk in a Box, Tiny Pop-Music Venue

Having been a singer/songwriter from my teens on up, this jumped out at me when I came across it. I played the Ocean City boardwalks, the corners of South Street in Philadelphia, and a few clubs and venues. I think the streets and boardwalks were my favorite because the people that stopped to listen didn't have to stop. I got a lot more satisfaction and confidence from those performances than any other.

Folk in a Box is the UK’s smallest performance venue. One audience member is allowed in at a time. The door is closed behind them. They are given one song, performed by one musician. By the time the song is the over, the musician is just about visible in the darkness and intimacy of the box. The experience is compelling.

As many times as I played one on one for folks, (friends, family, lovers, potential lovers) I don't think I ever envisioned anything as intimate as this. Thinking about it, I don't really know if I would want to be the one performing or the audience. Stevie Nicks, Chrisitna Perri, Justin Furstenfeld (Lead singer for Blue October), Damien Rice...just a few of the people I would love to be in there listening to.

Here is a video on the making of Folk in a Box. As far as I know, there is no video of an actual performance. If anyone finds one, let me know.

                            Folk in a Box: The Making of! from David Knight on Vimeo.

So...if you could pick just one artist to perform just one song for you in the box, who would it be and what song?

Photos by Sakiko Kohashi, Folk in a Box, and David Knight
video by David Knight

26 April 2012

Muppet Fap : Fact or Fiction

 I think it’s a fake. Notice that he’s watching two frogs. Where’s the pig?

24 April 2012

Excuse Me

So, it’s been a little while, huh? Well, I don’t know what to tell you except to say there is nothing to tell. Sort of. If you follow me at all (here or anywhere) you know I have had some serious and troublesome back issues. Let me start by saying, this will be the last you will hear from me on it.
I want to thank anyone who patiently listened to me moan, whine, bitch, and cry over it as well as apologize to you along with anyone else who had to listen to it. To those of you who offered prayers, best wishes, support, I say thank you as well.
My reasoning for wanting to leave this part of my life out of any further posts is that it depresses the hell out of me and I am sure doesn’t leave anyone else feeling to upbeat as well. I originally wanted my blog to be entertaining and humorous if nothing else and I try to pull from my own life for these things. I think I’ve lost the ability to find humor in my health issues and the last thing I want to do is end up whining or, as was recently pointed out to me, come off like I am ‘crying for attention’.

So, if you’re still reading, stick around. I promise to get back to what I originally intended, which was to keep it light, fun, and entertaining.

*I've disabled comments for this one post. If you really feel the need to give some feedback, feel free to shoot me an email. ;)