05 November 2013


Someone asked me what the 'Morgan Freeman' reference was about in a recent post. I don't remember where I saw it or how I got it, but here it is. It still makes me snort.

04 November 2013

And Then I Came Across This

Now, I would have had to conceded to the 'possibility' of letting this fly...but I still stick to my story of not using the T-word.

Parent-Teacher Night 2013 or Shoot Me Now

So my all my fears are confirmed. I am the worst parent I know and there is now photographic proof of this. Of course, it had to be displayed on the wall outside of my daughters First Grade classroom on Parent-Teacher Night for everyone to see. While other children chose more 'upbeat' emotions to display, mine chose 'sad'.

"I feel sad...
When 'my parints yal at me and when peeple be mein to me.'"

I hoped against hope that her spelling would confuse anyone who saw it like other parents, teachers, child services....

And the 'face'! I'm sure the teacher was wondering what horrific image or 'recovered memory' my daughter called up to make that face.

We sat on tiny chairs in the hallway as we awaited our turn to be called in to the classroom. My wife and I tried to make light of it but gave up as we witnessed the facial expressions of other parents as they looked over the wall of photographic emotions or in our case, The Wall of Shame.