27 September 2013

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Aaron

So Long, Guitar Man

This is a song I wrote and recorded over 10 years ago that I have had on my YouTube channel for a little while. I'm posting here because I just realized or found out this week that I can’t sing anymore and I am discovering that this is a much bigger deal than when I discovered I couldn't play my guitar anymore. I've kept my guitar. I fumble with it from time to time but can barely play one song straight through due to arthritis and degenerative disks (one of which is currently flattening a corner of my spinal cord).

The singing, though…hmmph. I figured if I couldn't play my guitar, I could always at least sing. Let’s face it, between you and me, my playing was nothing to write home about. A friend back home, who ran open mics all over the county and state, once told me that I was neither a very good guitarist or singer,

No Sleep,Tonight

Pain is through the roof tonight, folks. Can not get to sleep. Say a Lillian prayer with me, if you're still up, will ya. I need it.

10 September 2013

Po's Music Pick September '13

It's been a while since I spotlighted any music. To be honest, I just don't come across much that moves or inspires me. That is, until recently.

This guy has been around for a while and is a gifted singer/songwriter but in his latest album, his ability to paint stories, images, and faces...to pull you in to his songs and have you wanting and needing to know more about the people in them has risen to a new level.

This is just one song from his album 'Southeastern', which I strongly recommend to anyone who likes to get lost in the story as well as the music.