30 November 2011

Because everyone desrves at least ONE gift...

Random Stuff

Incase you’re short on ideas for Christmas gifts:

For the folks in your life that take everything to seriously (I want one just because.)

For the folks that take their coffee seriously (Yeah, I want one of these too)

Coffee Mugs are a great stand-by and this one makes deciding what to put on it SO easy.

You got ‘em the mug and accessory, may as well throw in the apparel.

Okay, it’s really part of my wish list. But since the wife only checks out my blog to remind me I need someone to edit it for spelling and grammer, I thought I’d just throw them out there for anyone who’s looking.

Coming Soon:
 More later….

Finally, as you may or may not have noticed, I’ve updated my theme here. Let me know if you like this one better. I hope to be adding some pages to it as well.

15 November 2011

Down-time- What I Do to Recharge

The one thing I often complain about is that I don’t have the time or enough time to blog, get crazy in Photoshop, or just catch up on this and that on my PC. Now I have nothing but time, however, unfortunately it’s not by choice. You might ask ‘What does it matter? You have the time you wanted!’.  To which I might respond ‘Bite me.’

I’m going bat-shit and it’s difficult to concentrate or free my mind from more stressful matters to find any spark of creativity inside me. I open and close PSP like my old man used to flick the lid on his stainless steel Zippo lighter while he was trying to decide if he should just ground me or take me out behind the stables. Coming up with ideas to blog about is even more frustrating. The things I would like to blog I have to restrain from and this makes everything else seem trivial in comparison. This leaves me trying to find ways to recharge. Recharging is not something I have ever been very good at.