05 October 2018

AQUAMAN (2018) - The Bad Ass Trailer

Yeah, so, I'm confident that this movie will put an end to all the Aquaman jokes, once and for all.

13 August 2018

Po' Coffee Break

So, being a coffee lover and someone who supports a healthy work environment, I just had to share..

26 July 2018

TITANS Official Trailer (2018) Released ~ DCU TV Show

I've never been a big fan of the 'Teen Titans' or 'Titans', however, I have been excited about this particular incarnation, ever since I heard that 'Hawk and Dove' were going to be part of it. In fact, it seems this new series has strayed a bit from the usual core members that make up the team. I haven't seen any mention of Cyborg or Wondergirl and that may or may not be due to the DC Movie Universe featuring Cyborg and Wonder Woman. Added to the roster for the series is Elasti-girl and Negative Man along with talk that The Outsiders and Superboy may be making an appearance. All of this and Robin with a wicked case of potty-mouth (watch the video).

22 September 2016

My BESTBUY Saga: Part II–The Farce Awoken

***I apologize for taking a day before posting how all of this continued and finished. To be honest, the crash from the build up of the stress was something I did not foresee. I let it get the better of me, as well as the lack of sleep and my normal day to day issues as well...I took a mental health day yesterday and just concentrated on cleaning the house and not thinking about anything. I barely had the spoons to do that and pushed myself harder than I should have. So, today, I am dealing with a butt load of pain I brought by overdoing it yesterday and am still very tired but I felt I owed and ending to all three of you who follow me.

September 20th, 2016
Immediately after my last blog entry, I began again to try and contact someone who might be able to help us with our issues over the Note &’ confusion and the complaints that were piling up concerning how everything had been and was being handled at BestBuy 264.

The first call was to the Sandhills store, where, I had been told the day before, the NEW General Manager for BestBuy264 was currently located. I had called there on the 20th only to be told he was in a meeting. The woman I spoke with asked me why I so urgently needed to speak with him. I told her that I had a small concern about two emails that said they were going to deduct $1800 from my debit or credit card account as son as the new phones were available for pick-up and that being on disability, that was not only impossible but would be devastating to me financially besides the fact that these two phones were already paid for. This lead to me having to explain everything that had gotten me to this particular point. Again, I spent almost an hour explaining and again I was ‘promised’ something.

20 September 2016

My BESTBUY Saga: The Customer Is Always Wrong

***Disclaimer – I would be days writing everything that actually occurred over the course of the past three weeks or so. That said, not everything is here. I did try to be honest, even on my own mistakes and errors in all of this.Take from it what you will. My hope is that I am not as ‘wrong’ in all of this as I have been made to feel and am continued to be made feel by the continuous lack of response on BestBuy’s part. And I am allowed to ‘hope’. I also hope that a certain employee did not lose their job over this, as they were nothing but helpful, courteous, and apologetic when things started to go south, as it were. If you’re out there and read this, I hope things didn’t go bad for you and if I can help in any way, you can contact me here.

I admit, to an outsider, this blog must now look pretty pathetic. I don’t keep it up. My disability and pain along with all the pain killers and depression from both and/or all has sucked the life out of me. So, it is only when something really hits a chord or sparks something deep inside that has been lying dormant that I suddenly find inspiration again. Also, when something just ticks me the hell off. And I am pretty ticked, right now.

Let’s begin.

August 20th, 2016 – My wife and I went to BestBuy Store 264 in Columbia, SC to see about getting a new phone to replace my suddenly failing Galaxy S4. We are greeted by the Samsung Rep, one very kind and helpful Richard. When I tell him why we are there he informs us it may be our lucky day, as their is a BOGO on all Samsung phones…that we can even mix and match. I look at my wife and she’s liking the idea, so we start looking. The new Note 7’s have just come out and I find one and , well, wow…I really like it Richard then tells us that they are offering a free Gear Fit 2 or 256GB upgrade on the Note 7’s as well as the BOGO. Now my wife is really interested in a new phone for herself as well.

12 February 2016

Star Trek Online: Why I Think It’s Broken and Why I’ll Keep On Playing

Star Trek Online is celebrating it’s 6th Anniversary this month. But the celebration has soured for me. I was in from the beginning. Before it was Free-2-Play. Before it was free to download. I had purchased my copy through Stardock’s Impulse Gaming Platform and dove head first into the first online, PC game, I had ever explored or played. I was 46 years old. I had a step-son who was playing W.O.W., and that was all I knew of the online gaming universe at the time.

Over the years,I have tried to be supportive. I even kept up a monthly subscription when it went F2P. But after the first year of that, I found myself closing my subscription and going the F2P route. There were too many bugs, too many discrepancies in the games economy. Accusations flying around that the PvP folks pulled the strings or the ones who held subscriptions did, that F2P people were ignored. The few perks paying a subscription fee suddenly didn’t seem worth it.