20 August 2011

Hugh Laurie Rocks The House

 So it's no secret that I am a fan of House and all things Hugh Laurie. I just thought I would throw out a plug on his new album "Let Them Talk".  I consider my musical taste pretty eclectic, so it's always a treat when I can expand it.

“Let Them Talk” is the first album to be recorded by Hugh Laurie after signing to Warner Bros Records in 2010. Produced by Joe Henry and recorded in Los Angeles and New Orleans, the album is a celebration of New Orleans blues..."

The album has gotten some pretty amazing reviews. I was fortunate enough to have been made a gift of it by a good friend and have listened to almost nothing else since. You can catch videos of live performances at YouTube as well as a free download of 'Guess I'm A Fool' on the official site. Check it out!


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