24 February 2014

This is February, right?

I haven't blogged in a month.

I also haven't worked on the book/story I started, haven't finished ANY of the Windowblind skins I started, haven't finished ANY of the icon packs I started, haven't adopted a French Bulldog and named him Knuckles (finances are an issue with this one), haven't found a used PS3 I can afford to get Disney Infinity for the kid, haven't gotten Disney Infinity, haven't done any 'I Am Aaron' pics for too long, and haven't done a host of other things.

I haven't figured out where to start.


  1. And I just wrote a bunch and lost it when I clicked publish....grrrrr. Well not important, glad you have the dog, sure the family is too. You've already taken the first step writing this. And just continue...there are stories/words just dieing to come out...run with them! I know it is the wrong dieing, but I never know how to spell the damn thing!

  2. I also screwed up my post. I didn't get the dog. I worded that sentence wrong. sigh.