17 January 2012

A Windowblind Tutorial : Roan WB/Day One

 Windowblinds is a wonderful desktop enhancement application that allows you to change your windows themes, colors, textures, wallpapers..your entire windows experience. I’ve tried to tackle the software for it that allows you to create your skins for a few years to with no success, until now.

Thanks to some offers from some wonderful community members at Wincustomize, I believe I may finally get a handle on it.

We started a thread today to document the process for posterity, others like me who want to learn, and for fun. And so far it has been fun.

If you are familiar with Windowblinds or just interested in what goes in to making Windows look the way it does and how it can be altered, into desktop customization or just like making stuff with Photoshop, the thread may be a good place to hang out.

Today being the first day, it went pretty well. We’re doing this ‘One Piece AT A Time’ so every part of the process can be fully explored before moving on to the next and so on. This first part is concentrating on the Start Panel and Taskbar. It’s interesting that after using the software for as many years as I have (and Windows in general, from W2K to W7) and hanging out on line with so many talented skinners how much I still don’t know about Windows itself and Windowblinds as well.

I hope you’ll come by and check this out, maybe follow along.

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