02 December 2011

Killing Time In The ‘Verse

Was this week long or did it fly by? I’m not sure I will know until Monday.

I redesigned the blog this week. As much as I liked the other template, I think the new on is much cleaner. Opinions welcome.

Made hybrid-lizard-robot-war-machines for someone.

Participated (?) in my first celebrity-cell-phone-video-cast-whatever. This was pretty cool. Wil Wheaton did an impromptu tour of his office via his cell phone cam. He’s testing the waters for doing these kinds of things from conventions (I think) and other stuff. I have to be honest – I could not stand his character in Next Generation but he has grown on me lately. Below is a screen capture of painting in his office that Kevin Smith bought for him.

The whole thing was like twenty minutes and pretty freaking cool. Click here and you can catch a recording of it on his blog.

I found a a new music group to download. Cool Stuff.

Maybe premature but why wait til the last minute. I could go with either though the urn is pretty spiffy.

Other stuff-

Why I have to check before I purchase Christmas gifts for anyone.

Why I probably didn’t get that part-time job at the Sears Portrait Studio.

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